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TRX Single Leg Burpee
Level: Advanced
Type: General
Reps: 0
Set Time: 0
Sets: 0
Rest Time: 0
Duration: 32 sec
Movement: Dynamic

TRX Single Leg Burpee

To start, place your right foot in the straps of the TRX. Balancing on the left foot, hop yourself forward on the left leg so that you have distance between yourself and the anchor of the TRX. Still supporting your body on the left foot with the right foot bent behind your at the knee, drop your body down to the floor in a push-up, suspending the left leg once in the push-up position so both legs are off the ground. Forecefully, pull the suspended leg forward, plant it on the ground and use it to support your body in a jump toward the ceiling. Make to land as softly as possible and immediately drop back down into the push-up position. Repeat and alternate legs in the TRX straps.
Uploaded by jgibson@fxstudios.com on 2/17/2014 10:59:55 PM