About FXFitVid

FXFitVid was developed with one simple goal in mind: offer the best available personal training through a simple, affordable and easy-to-use platform. We are able to do this with custom exercise videos from the best professional trainers in the world delivered to anyone with access to the internet.

There are multiple options to meet a wide range of users. Basic subscribers receive open access to an expansive collection of training exercise videos and complete workouts – available 24/7. Advanced subscriptions include the ability for the user to create a personalized workout from a series of individual exercises. Premium subscribers enjoy the benefits of custom personal training programs from professional trainers combined with the convenience of training when and how they want.

We have proven that our programs get results through clients who are just beginning all the way through to the best athletes in the world. We believe everyone has the opportunity to unlock their full potential and we are determined to help you do it. Sign up today and see for yourself!

Our Mission: Make advanced fitness training available to everyone.

Our Purpose: Empower individuals to discover success and enrichment in life through improved health and wellness.