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Woodcop Throw
Level: Beginner
Type: Power
Reps: 0
Set Time: 0
Sets: 0
Rest Time: 0
Duration: 35 sec
Movement: Dynamic

Woodcop Throw

Begin with the feet together, holding a medicine ball overhead (above your shoulder) at a diagonal towards the right side. Step left into a lunge and with force throw the ball across the body towards the ground on the left side. (knees must stay behind your toe and rotate through the torso, do not allow feet to rotate with the ball). Pick up the medicine ball and switch sides, hold the medicine ball overhead and over your right shoulder at a diagonal and step the left foot into a lunge, forcefully throwing the ball diagonally across the body to the ground on the body's right side. Repeat.
Uploaded by jgibson@fxstudios.com on 1/22/2014 11:32:52 PM

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